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- 1 x Pair Skin Grip Thumb Grip
- 1 x Pair CQC Elite Thumb Grip
- 1 x Pair FPS Master Thumb Grip


- Portable design with detachable Core Drive (pocket size), much smaller than the official dock.
- Compatible with most protective cases on the market, no need to remove the case when docking your Nintendo SWITCH.
- Play in Tabletop Mode with power supply.
- Outputs TV Mode with a 5V smartphone charger (Maximum output 5V=3A).
- A detachable Core Drive (mini adapter) provides all necessary ports, which work with not only Nintendo SWITCH but also laptops and smartphones.
- The built-in DeX (TV Out) function can turn your smartphone into a computer (if it has the DeX function, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S10).


- The Gripcase OLED uses the same Grips as the NeoGrip, JoyGrip, and GripCase Crystal so you can just grab the GripCase OLED body if you already have one of these product
- The easiest way to replace your old/worn-out GripCase OLED body, no need to purchase a whole set if you just want to replace the body


- Ps5 Controller
- Ps4 Controller
- Switch Pro Controller


- 3 different designs - meet all gamers' needs
- Great protection - protect the original joystick from wear and tear
- Increased control accuracy - by adding extra height and active radius
- Special "grippy" material - increases friction and provides more sensitivity to enhance your gaming experience