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1. This product is suitable for Switch shooting game, such as jet fighter, Tokyo Olympic dream shooting, etc.

2. Improve the game experience, easy to install, fast and convenient, plug and play,

3. A package include 1 shortgun only



1. Charging time of the handle ≤3.5h;
2. Adopt intelligent MCU control circuit, built-in self-recovery insurance at the input end, with over-current protection function, short-circuit protection function;
3. It can charge four small handles at the same time;
5. There are 2 game card slots.


1. Suitable for Switch OLED, the package includes tempered film 2 brand and wet and dry package;
2, Protect the console screen, effectively prevent dust, fingerprint, crack, better touch

Package Content: 2pcs tempered glass


- Better Experience - Specially designed for Nintendo Switch. It makes the game more realistic and interactive.

- Ergonomic Design - The ergonomic design of our Joy Con gun could effectively ease your hand fatigue while holding it for long. Provides a firm and comfortable grip during game play. Lightweight ergonomic design can fit for all kinds of hands.

- Keep Joy-Cons Secured - It locks the Joy-con in place, adds more weight and size to the feeling of the Joy-con controller. It keeps them secured.
- Compatibility - Splatoon 2, Splatoon 3, The Elder Scrolls 5, Doom 4, Payday 2, Wolfenstein 2:The New Colossus, Resident Evil:Revelations 1/2 and other Switch shooting games.

- Simply Set up and Easy to use: Please follow our image to install your Joy-Cons. Made of high quality ABS plastic and attractive appearance.


- It can be disassembled and disassembled, and the mode can be changed at will
- Independent charging indicator is clear at a glance but not charging
- A -line beveled ergonomic design to protect the wrist
- Can be charged without removing the protective case
- Power-enhanced version and OLED version of Joy-Con are applicable


Package Includes:
- Controller - White
- Storage Bag
- Game Card Storage Case


- This product is compatible with the PS5 console
- 3 built-in high speed fans to accelerare the air inside the PS5 console to cool it
- Store 10pcs game discs
- Supply power from the PS5 USB ports, no extra adapter
- Charge two PS5 controllers simultaneously
- Anti-slip EVA on its two sides to avoid scratching and slipping of the PS5 console
- Remote controller storage
- LED light


- Light weight
- All-around protection
- Transparent Body Design
- Protection case for console is PC material.


1. [Fast Charging]5V/1.5A input fast Type-C charging ports for two PS5 DualSense controllers simultaneously.
Please note: Only if the input power source is at least 5V/1.5A, the controllers can be fully charged about 2~3 hours.
 2. [Onboard Chip Protection]Charging station comes with the built-in protector chip, which provides over-charge,over-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit protection.


1. This product is compatible with SWITCH OLED MODEL base. The Type-C charging cable is connected to the USB output port of the SWITCH OLED MODEL base.
2. SWITCH: Install the product on the base of SWITCH OLED MODEL in the correct way, press the SWITCH to turn on or off the fan, and the lighting effect will also be on or off synchronously.
3. Heat dissipation fan: One high-speed fan speeds up the air circulation in the base for heat dissipation.


Type:Game console charger
Input:DC 5V 1A
Output:DC 2.4V
Battery pack capacity: 800mAh
Package Included:1 x Dual Charging Base2 x Battery Pack1 x Charging Cable


1*Multi-function charger stand
4*Handle cover
1*USB cable


Material: dust plug:silicone; dust net: PVC
Applicable Model: xbox series x console
Color: black


- Dual charger station dock for charging two PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim game controllers

- High-quality headset with Mic allows easily enjoy your gaming without the type

- Enhanced silicon thumbstick cover protects your game controller, comfortable grip

- Disc storage stand holds up to 10 game disc

- Compatible with PS4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro consoles.

- Good Quality 80cm Charging Cable


1.Power supply:through USB 5 V connect to the console
2.Speed:5000±10%RPM(MAX),Wind volum:12.6 CFM(MAX)
3.With 2*XBOX QNE battery,Battery Capacity:600mA
4.Material:High quality ABS
5.With a USB cable


Brand: Dobe
Material: Tpu, Plastic
Compatible devices: Nintendo Switch Lite


1.Connect Switch Pro grip and console, upgrade console game experience

2. The retractable design has an angle adjustment function, the adjustment angle can reach 180 degrees, and the player can easily adjust to the most comfortable angle to play the game


- Compatible for PS4 pro console
- Expand your PS4 PRO to have 5 USB Ports and use more peripheral equipment
- 1 ultra-fast USB 3.0 port for an external hard drive and 4 USB 2.0 ports for other device;allows use or charge up to 5 USB accessories simulataneously
- No install driver needed, just plug and play
- Packing Included:1*PS4 pro USB HUB
- New unit and original


12W = 12 Discs [White colour]
18B = 18 Discs [Black colour]
36W = 36 Discs [White Colour]
36B = 36 Discs [Black colour]


1. With this convenient storage tower, you can safely and orderly protect games and Blu ray discs.
2. Each tower can hold up to 18 discs, and the modular system allows additional shelves to be stacked on top to accommodate larger and growing collections.
3. Maximum hold 18 games or Blu ray discs.
4. Easy to assemble.
5. Modular stackable design for larger collections.
6. Designed for your console and home entertainment system (excluding game boards).


- Specifically designed to provide access to all buttons, including the L, R, ZL, ZR, SL, SR buttons, without restricting game play or movement

- This also serves as controller protector and guard from everyday wear and tear, bumps and scrapes

- Convenient Dobe packaging includes a set of 2 x Joy-Con controller grips, left and right


1. Specifically designed for Nintendo Switch body and gamepad, protect your device from bumps, scratches, dust and external damage.

2. Cut out for controllable button holes for the easy access without taking your device out of the case.

3. Convenient disassembly, compact and portable.

4. Offer maximum protection, sturdy feature with reinforced corners for your device.

5. Crystal style shows your device with the ultimate clear case that is both stylish and fit ergonomic can give you a comfortable experience, easy to grip and lightweight.


1.Scope of application: Switch Controller
2.Input voltage: Type-c_5V
3.Charging current: 500 mA*4
4.Product material: ABS material & Acrylic
5.LED Indicator: Red - Charging; Green - Fully Charged


- This product is compatible with the PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro console
-Two built-in high speed fans to accelerare the air inside the PS4 console to cool it
-Store 12pcs game discs
-Supply power from the PS4 USB ports, no extra adapter
-Charge two PS4 controller simultaneously
-Anti-slip EVA on its two sides to avoid scratching and slipping of the PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro console