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In the battle scene, equipped with a roulette input system.
By stopping at the right timing, the attack power of the partner Digimon can be increased and the game can proceed in an advantageous manner.
If you conquer a specific area, you can join a new partner Digimon, and you can increase the number of partner Digimon that can be used in battle.


Deep Savers (Blue)
Nature Spirits (Green)
Nightmare Soldiers(Black)


- Apple x1
- Pedestal x1
- Equipment x1 set
- Foil seal x1


- Wing Gundam Zero EW
- Twin Beam Rifle
- Beam Saber
- Shield
- Action Base


Imperialdramon from “Digimon” joins the Figure-rise Standard Amplified model kit lineup from Bandai! It was produced in cooperation with official designer Kenji Watanabe; the Fighter Mode and Dragon Mode can be reproduced by parts replacement, and by expanding and contracting parts. Molded in color, so it'll look amazing immediately after assembly, and the Positron Laser is also included. Dont miss out, order yours now!


Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Grade: Figure-rise Standard

Series: Digital Monster


Brand: Bandai

Grade: Figure-rise Standard

Series: Digital Monster

Box Size (L x W x H): 30cm x 20cm x 13cm 


- The original virtual Monster you loved back in the  '90S is back!

- Feed him provide medical attention turn lights on/off clean up after him check his Heath and train him then pit in against your friend's Digimon in a binary bout

- Digimon will alert you when he's Hungry or requires more training

- Engage the exclusive dock 'N Rock feature and pit your Digimon in a binary bout against your friend's Digimon

- The digital Monster you train for action

- Plastic