About Us

6 years ago we set out to build a company that focused on Gaming consoles, games, accessories, action figures and home essentials products – and still counting!
We've been in the business for several years now, and we understand what it takes to make your shopping experience a joy. That's why we do everything we can to make sure you get not only the best prices, but the best service too!


As well as fantastic customer service, which you can reach us on FB or Whatsapp, we also have a thriving Facebook community. With friendly members to chat with, and active admins to answer your questions, help is never far away! Whether you're buying the latest gaming product for yourself, or for a friend, we've got something for everyone!


活着,就要好玩!生活的账单,不是人类唯一的期盼,抛下年纪的束缚,放开身份的枷锁,让游戏为生活增添乐趣!因为热爱,所以懂得,Used Game团队每一个成员,都是因为热爱生活而走到一块,深知生活不易,更要学会善待自己。我们致力为您提供一个游戏树洞,让你可以卸下心房,在这里找到最真实的自己,透过游戏疏解现实中的压力。我们深信,没有什么烦恼,是一场游戏不能解决的,如果有,那就再来一场!


 使命宣言 MISSION 



 愿景声明 VISION 




 Our Services: 
+ Repair 维修
+ Game Rent 出租游戏
+ We Buy Games 回收二手主机和游戏
+ Pre-order 预购
+ Membership 会员系统
+ Wholesale 批发
+ Same Day Delivery 1小时内到货
+ Ship to Singapore 发货到新加坡


  Why buy from us? 
+ Preorder Price Guarantee 预购定价保证
+ Online exclusive - our lowest price when you pre-order 线上特惠 – 预购可享最低价
+ Trusted games retailer 可信赖的商家
+ Great savings vs RRP 超低建议零售价
+ Insured delivery 邮寄保障
+ Great customer support 专业客服
+ Multiple payment options 多种付款方式