Nintendo Switch 良值 IINE Tokyo Rise Pro Controller V4 NFC / Amiibo / Home Wake / 3.5mm Audio 良值4代手柄 支持一键唤醒
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Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm
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- Support Amiibo
- Wake Up Console
- Fast connect to Switch or PC

【4th Gen Product Description】:
- IINE Wake-up&Voice Pro Controller supports for SWITCH, SWITCH Lite, PC Steam.
- IINE Wake-up&Voice Pro Controller can connect to earphone voice (controller needs to be connected via wired connection, Bluetooth mode is not supported).
- IINE Wake-up&Voice Pro Controller can wake up SWITCH and SWITCH Lite in sleep.
- Dual vibration (non-HD vibration, 4-segment vibration intensity adjustment), six-axis somatosensory, joystick burst (manual/automatic), screen capture, NFC function scanning Amiibo.
- Button burst is divided into two modes "manual" and "auto". After manual burst setting is completed, you need to press the button, and the automatic burst setting will continue to be released.
- If the Nintendo Switch game that you play does not support the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, this product is also not applicable.

[ The difference between Wake-up&Voice Pro Controller  and Wake-up Pro Controller ] :

1. The Wake-up&Voice Pro Controller charging cable is 2.5m, and the Wake-up Pro Controller charging cable is 1m.
2. The Wake-up&Voice Pro Controller must be wired to the Switch to use the headset, and the headset cannot be used when Controller is Bluetooth connected to the switch.
3. The Wake-up&Voice Pro Controller is one-way wake up (Switch can not wake up the Controller ,but the Controller can wake up the Switch) , the Wake-up Pro Controller is two-way wake up (Switch can wake up the Controller and the Controller can wake up the Switch).
4. The Wake-up&Voice Pro Controller can adjust the vibration (WEAKEN: Auto- fire Button + Left Joy-con down, INCREASE: Auto- fire Button + Left Joy-con up).
5. The Wake-up&Voice Pro Controller supports microphone function.
6. The Wake-up&Voice Pro Controller is PC software upgrade,the same as the second-generation Controller, but Wake-up Controller is air upgrade,doesn’t need PC software.

Product Details:
- Battery: 600 mAh
- Using Time: 6 - 8 hours
- Charging Time: 2 hours
- Support : Nitendo Switch \ Nitendo Switch Lite
- Size : 155mmx100mmx55mm
- Come with a USB Cable and a Specifcation in English.


【IINE Cat Controller Details】:
- Add 3.5mm Headset jack and wake Up console function,add connect button.
- Dual motors vibration and adjustable,With Auto-fire function also can cancel it,Supports gyro axis function makes game feeling more real.
- Package with:1*2.5m USB to C charger cable,1*controller,1*user manual.
- Support multiplayer games, up to 8 controllers can be connected.
- Please remove the original joy-con when playing single player games to avoid signal interference.


【2nd Gen】:
This pro controller provide high performance with the turbo functions, precision offset analog sticks, fast-action trigger shoulder buttons and other high sensitive buttons, you will enjoy an extremely game play experience.

The wireless connectivity allows the controller to be paired quickly with your Nintendo Switch.
It also has a dual motor vibration function, the vibration feedback gives you a compelling gaming experience.

It also support USB Type-C for charging purpose.

With the LED indication instruction light, it allows you to understands the state of charge.
Its ergonomic design and light weight construction make it comfortable even for long hours of continuous gaming.

You can now enjoy your Nintendo Switch with the best gaming experience.

What's in the box

- Support Amiibo
- Wake Up Console
- Fast connect to Switch or PC

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